Battery Storage Installation

PureStorage II DC Battery

Designed to withstand the most complex agile tariffs and grid services

Modular up to 25kWh

Future proofed – Market leading technology designed and developed in Britain

Best DC Battery – ‘Best on the market’ – Solar Guide comparison site.

PureStorage II DC 5kWh, uses the safest and highest performing lithium-ion-phosphate battery cells, with 1C operation, 10,000 cycles and with a high charge and discharge rate capability. It is compatible with leading inverters on the market, including; Solis, Victron & Imeon.

Comparison sites describe it as the best hybrid solution on the market when combined with a Solis inverter.

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Interested in home battery storage?

Modular – can add more capacity in the future (up to 25kWh)

1C rating – maximising charge and discharge rates

10,000 cycles – lasts 3 times longer than leading brands

45 MWh of throughput guaranteed (best on the market)

Integrated DC isolator – saves time and money when installing

Backed and approved by best inverter suppliers on the market

IP67 – weather and water proof

Power cut protection – automatic seamless switchover





PureStorage II DC 5kWh

It incorporates a modular design, allowing 5 of 5kWh systems to be connected together, providing a high level of capacity flexibility from 5kWh to 25kWh. It is water proof at IP67 and can be installed indoor or outdoors. Its elegant and simple design is aesthetically pleasing and provides a very quick and simple installation.