Battery Storage Installation

PureStorage II AC Battery

PureDrive Energy’s VPP card allow you to save additional money from grid services and variable rate tarriffs.

Automatically protect your critical circuits in the event of a power cut within 20ms (lights will not flicker).

Everything is included in one enclosure which can be installed indoors or outdoors.

  • Reduce your bill up to 85%
  • Protect your home
  • All in one attractive enclosure
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Interested in home battery storage?

LiFePO4 chemistry (safest)

AC connected battery system, all in one enclosure!

Protects against power cuts! – seamless change over within 20ms

10,000 Cycles! (lasts 3 times longer than leading brands)

Weatherproof – can be installed indoors or outdoors

Made in Britain





Solar Energy

Locally generate FREE Energy from the sun using your solar panels! A typical home will only absorb 30% of the energy you generate from the sun! The rest is sent back to the grid!


Variable Rate Tariffs

Energy suppliers are offering lower rate tariffs during the day and night. Our smart AI technology can automatically charge and discharge the battery to take advantage of the lower rates and avoid grid usage when the rates are higher.


Puredrive Storage

Store your excess solar energy that is normally sent back to the grid and use it when the sun is no longer shining! Allowing you to absorb 65% of the energy you generate from the sun.


Grid Services

The UK grid has busy and quiet times and the network operators incentivise usage during the quiet times, with lower off-peak costs. Our automatic intelligent gateway, avoids peak network pricing to lower your bill.